Metrology for astronomy

Airylab is specialized in astronomical instrument high precision characterization achieved with our wavefront analyser. This real time Shack Hartmann system allows high frequency WFE analysis for precise optical alignment. Our 530mm REOSC high precision Cervit flat is used to measurement up to 500mm telescopes and mirrors in autocollimation without Null compensation.

telescope measurement

For large telescope alignment may also be performed on a star on site.

Our telescope characterization service is available for research and private sector but is opened to amateur’s equipment as well.

Key features:

– Over 10 Hz measurement frequency for real time mirrors alignment through field aberration analysis (coma and astigmatism)

– PTV and RMS wavefront error (WFE)

– PSF (diffraction spot) and Strehl ratio

– Spot diagram field performances

– Field curvature

– Rugosity benchmark through Lyot test

– Large telescope measurement on the sky

– Chromatic aberration and spherochromatism at different wavelengths ( 473, 543 and 635nm in Airylab facilities).