Optical metrology introduction

Airylab operates an optical measurement plateform located in south of France. It features a Shack hartmann wavefront analyser from the European leader Imagine Optic that delivers over ten time per second precise wave front error maps.

Airylab can measure :

– Single spherical converging element

– Flats and windows up to 150mm

– Parabolic mirrors up to 500mm in double pass

– Transmissive lens assembly in several wavelength (445, 473, 543 and 635nm)

Applications are :

– Quality inspection outsourcing

– On site system alignment

– Large optics characterization

– Dynamic optical behavior analysis

– Technical data for press reviews

Photographic lens measurement

Our services

Simple component charaterization

Complex optical systems charaterization

Any conjugaison

445, 473, 543 and 635nm

Real time alignment

Field quality and coverage

Evolving processes analysis

Can measure in your premises



PTV & RMS, Strehl ratio



Spot diagram

spherochromatism analysis

Zernike or Legendre polynomial fit

WFE over time evolution