Optical metrology

Airylab has developed contactless optical measurement services using a leading real time wavefront analyser.

Application domains are legion :

– Components quality control (lenses, splitter, flat, windows…)

– Complex systems control (lenses/microlenses, converging mirrors, collimators…)

– On site optical alignment

– Real time wavefront evolution (over 10 analysis per second)

– Imaging system control (photography, live imaging, television…)

– Polished surfaces control

Measurement can be performed in Airylab premises or your own for large installation. Large telescope alignment may also be performed on a star.

Key points:

– Real time wavefront analysis : not sensitive to vibrations

– Over 10 Hz measurement frequency to analyze real time wavefront or surface deformation

– Transportable metrology solution

– Airylab can measure up to 500mm entry pupils in auto collimation

– Large telescope measurement on the sky

– Achromatic: measure can be performed at different wavelengths (445, 473, 543 and 635nm in Airylab facilities).

– Complete deliverables: PTV/RMS WFE, PSF, MTF, Zernike/legendre, spot diagrams…