Solar Scintillation Monitor

A major innovation for high resolution solar observation

Airylab’s Solar Scintillation Monitor (SSM) is the first daylight seeing analysis system for the amateur solar observer. Using this device, you can check instantaneously the seeing value in ArcSec at your specific location. Furthermore the high speed readout of the SSM makes you very reactive for high resolution solar imaging. We designed the SSM for three main applications:

– To help you to find the best observation site for solar visual observation and imaging. For that purpose the small handheld form factor makes it very easy to bring to potential locations for a quick survey.

– To determine the best seeing time for your observation location. Used with its data acquisition software, you will collect data over the day to see the general evolution of the seeing over time.

– Last but not least, to directly command image acquisition when used with Genika Astro. In that case, Genika Astro connects to the SSM directly and trigs acquisition when the seeing goes below a predefined value. For more information about this topic, please refer to Genika Astro user manual.

Easy to use

The SSM is small and easy to operate. You will place the separated sensor  next to the entrance pupil of your instrument for a more accurate measure.

The integrated OLED screen gives the instant seeing value in Arc Second, the light input and a 1 minute moving average. Inputs are updated twice per second.

The SSM uses less than 200mA and can run on battery from 6 to 12V. It is powered by the USB port when connected to a PC.



You can use the SSM as a standalone thanks to its display, or from your Windows PC with its own software or Genika Astro.

In conclusion the SSM with Genika Astro is a major breakthrough to achieve high resolution solar imaging in white light, Calcium or Ha bands with its fully automated mode.

SSM Application