Genika Workstation


The Genika workstation is an integrated solution for synchronized multi angle image acquisition. Genika Trigger software manages up to three cameras simultaneously on a single laptop to deliver images that are synchronized between each other for further 3D or multi angle analysis.

Cameras are connected through USB3, GigEthernet or both :

· 1 or 2 cameras either USB3 or GigE

· 2 x USB 3 and 1 x GigE or

· 2 x GigE and 1 x USB3

A camera maybe be slave or master. The master camera analyses the image stream and commands the slave cameras for acquisition when a smart trigger has been detected in the master camera images.

The hardware trigger from the master camera insures a high precision synchronization for both the slave camera images: acquisition starts within 100µS for all slaves.

Cameras may also be trigged together by an external signal, all being in slave mode.

An optional GPS external module with PPS output can resynchronize the images within the image files with a precision of 1ms against the GPS time.

Genika workstation

Solution description

· Lenovo Thinkpad X230 or W530 Intel Core i7,

· 8 or 16 GB RAM,

· 1 or 2 SSD (128 to 480GB per unit),

· 2 or 3 cameras with Sony, E2V or CMOSIS sensors. USB3 or GigE interfaces,

· Standard or telecentric optics,

· Hardware trigger wiring, USB3 or GigE cables,

· Optional GPS module.


Master camera : up to 200 MB/s on the fly stream analysis depending on the smart trigger.

Image acquisition : up to 300MB per SSD



· Movement detection

· Movement analysis (center of gravity)

· Flash detection (flashes, impacts, signaling…)

· Stars and particles detection and count

· Hardware trigger

· Animation (sequence)

· Slow motion (up to 1000 fps)

· Light change detection (Median)

· Low/mid frequencies phenomenon analysis (Acoustic, material, interferometry…)

· Low speed process (life science)

· Multi camera acquisition and synchronization

· Geographical survey (road/rail surveys)

· Stereoscopy and trajectory analysis

Genika Workstation datasheet