The TimeBOX UTC is a time base that allows precise image timestamping from Genika Trigger and Genika Astro applications.

It is designed to provide time sensitive applications with a reference Stratum 1 time base from the GPS network. It can be used for example for precise image timestamping in astronomy applications as asteroid transit in front of a star.

The TimeBox UTC relies on GPS. Therefore it can be use anywhere in the world for lab or outdoor applications. It requires only an USB port.

The Timebox has three way of use.

Synchronisation Mode

TimeBox in PC sync mode

In this mode, the Timebox UTC controls the Windows PC time. Genika records directly the images with the correct time stamp and there is no need to resync the file after acquisition. Precision is inside +-3ms compared to the UTC.

Trigger mode

TimeBoxUTC in camera trigger mode for maximum precision

In this mode the Timebox UTC is connected to the trigger in of the camera. It controls the shutter with a frequency between 0.1 and 60 Hz. In addition this mode also controls the PC clock. Image files must be resync on the output database to get the most precise timestamping mode (about 50µs). Depending on the Timebox model, you can select the voltage and current.

With this mode Genika is set in external trigger mode.

There are two Timebox UTC models.

Timebox Standard

The standard Timebox UTC has the following connections :

– GPS antenna (included)

– USB port

– Slow trigger output (0,1 to 1Hz)

– Fast trigger output (7Hz to 60Hz) /LED firing

The output level of the trigger out is CMOS with low current. This output may not trigger all cameras. In that case you should choose the pro version or the Pro extension module.

Timebox Pro

The Timebox UTC pro provides a higher level TTL output (6 to 9V) and more current to control all cameras. The output card is physically separated for a better signal control.